Water Well Project

Water well

Water is life... Water saves lives...

Up to 60 % of the human body is water, which is vital for life. Access to clean water and consumption of it is a natural right. A sixth of the global population doesn’t have access to clean water. Every year millions of people die due to the consumption of contaminated water. People in Africa are forced to walk long distances to find water. The water is mostly rainwater or polluted water. Children who have to carry water to their homes are also deprived of their basic right of education.

We install wells in areas of the world where people do not have access to clean water, especially in Africa. To avoid water going waste we build basins so that animals can drink water, too. The donors have the opportunity to choose a name for the well they have donated for. So the donation fulfils the purpose of a
sadaqa and brings water and thus, life to dry regions. A report with all the relevant details such as country, numbers of people benefiting from the well etc. as well as pictures of it will be sent to the donor.

We install wells in the following countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Ghana, Cote d’ivorie (The Ivory Coast), Cameroon, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Tanzania and Togo.