Frequently Asked Questions

Zakat & Fitr


What Is The Amount Of Fitrah?

How Can I Pay My Fitrah?


Zakat In The Quran

Zakat In Sunnah

Who Must Pay Zakat?

Who Will Receive Zakat?



What is Qurban

When should Qurban be paid

Where is your Qurban distributed

Who distributes your Qurban

Orphan Sponsorship

How long is an orphan supported for?

Do I receive information about the orphan whom I support?

How can I participate in this project?

Water Well Project

How long does the installation of a water well take?

Do you provide information on the well that I contributed to?

How can I take part in this project?

Do you issue warranty on the water well?

Ramadan Food Packs

What's in the food packages?

Is the $80 donation only for the food package?