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Every 22 seconds, another child becomes an orphan. Most of these kids live in the developing world, far from our view. They are voiceless, isolated and unsafe. They live in extreme poverty, on less than $1 per day, if you can imagine. They face starvation, violence, illiteracy and many will die from preventable diseases. Without intervention, most are fated to continue the cycle of poverty that left them orphaned to begin with. This is the orphan crisis.

An orphan is a child that has lost one or both of their parents. Regardless of their situation or location, these kids grow up extremely disadvantaged. 


Orphan figures
Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was an orphan himself. He encouraged his Ummah to protect orphans and take care of them. He heralded that those who strokes orphans’ heads and take care of them will be close to him. Orphans are thus entrusted to the Ummah. It has been seen that there have been people among orphans who have shaped history when held by their hand.

Allah (c.c) clarifies in the sixth verse of Sura ad-Duhaa that He has taken the orphaned prophet into His care, ”Did He not find you an orphan and give you protection?”

In the eighth verse of the Sura Insan, the believers are described as: “And gladly they feed the poor, the orphans and the prisoners.”

This project, which we started with motto, ”Do not let orphans be orphans any more” is an undertaking that will protect and care for orphans with your support.

*Note: For only $2 a day ($60 per month) you can support an orphan in impoverished countries around the world! All costs are included in the amount.

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