Hasene Delivers Aid to the Lebanese People

Hasene International extended a helping hand to people who were victims of the explosion in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. Food parcels for 508 families (2 thousand 540 people), bread and water aid to 200 families (thousand people), cleaning of 10 areas, which are the living areas of a thousand people, from rubble, hot food and fruit juice for 500 families (2 thousand 500 people), renovation of 10 houses (80 people) was completed. A total of 7,120 people were reached with the aid provided.

Hasene International President Mesud Gülbahar said the following about the aid given: “There were people who were victims of the explosion in Lebanon. Serious damage occurred in the houses close to the point of the explosion. It was sad that such an incident took place right after Eid al-Adha. We delivered our first aid to the victims in the region. Our support will continue depending on the situation."

Hasene previously announced that it had delivered $50,000 AUD of financial aid to the region in the first place to heal the wounds of the explosion that caused the loss of nearly two hundred lives and injuries to thousands of people in Beirut.