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Hasene Australia

Food Package Campaign

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BSB: 063 620

Account No: 1094 1646

Reference: Food Package Campaign + your name.

The Food Package Campaign is a humanitarian aid initiative carried out in collaboration with local partners under the leadership of HASENE and in accordance with the principle of local involvement.

The main objective of the campaign is to combat hunger, assist those in need, contribute to education, and promote solidarity among communities. In line with this, we aim to distribute food packages to those in need before the Ramadan month and during other months of the year, providing them with essential food items.

In some areas, we establish mobile kitchens to provide warm meals to those in need, particularly targeting the most disadvantaged segments of society. Through our mobile kitchens, we reach a wider geographic area with our assistance, ensuring that people in different regions receive support. As part of the Food Package Campaign, we also organise special activities for orphans. Supporting orphans is an important part of our humanitarian efforts. The campaign also contributes to education by allocating a portion of each food donation, ~$10, to support educational activities, helping those in need to look to the future with more hope.

In summary, the Food Package Campaign aims not only to extend a helping hand but also to contribute to the basic food needs and education of those in need as part of the human family.

Visit our Frequently Asked Question page for more info.